About Water and Pumps International

Powered by knowledge, and the spirit of innovation, Water and Pumps International ltd has always set the bench mark when it comes to quality and performance.
Water and Pumps International ltd has what it takes i.e., expertise, experience, commitment and clear vision to be a wave of change and a standard bearer for quality.

For more than 5 years, Water and Pumps International ltd has always responded to changes with a sense of mission and commitment that has translated into product offerings specific to customer needs. What is more, we have more often than not preempted the changing market dynamics by staying pro active and providing solutions that surpass customer requirements 


Watering Africa


 Dedicated efforts and expertise to enhance the welfare of all our stake holders


 Living by our core values of , commitment, professionalism, innovations and Reliability

 The potential of Water and Pumps International ltd has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years to the level of
designing, planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, completion and commissioning turn key projects in the Water
Small wonder, one can say that Water and Pumps International ltd is seen as not just a water business but as a solution

We Have Your Back

 We offer total support in meeting our clients’ and workers’ needs, requirements and expectations through availing variety of amenities inclusive of quality office facilities, showrooms, conference halls, board room, warehouses, and ample parking space which are easily accessed and of greater convenience. Our Client’s field site surveys and project implementations are quickened and made more timely effective through our available Installation equipment and transportation facilities i.e. Service vans, motor trucks, Motor service crane and other automotive equipment


We keep up to speed with industrial and technology advancements in sourcing the most appropriate and dependable Suppliers. We choose the best, and affirm their reliability in terms of product quality, flexibility, total cost of opportunity, existence in the market and delivery period. We therefore relate to known brands whose supporting systems align with the company’s Vision, mission and Values.


Our Staff qualifications procedure is comprised of human resource expertise, market knowledge and ability to identify high performance professionals. We recognize the importance of all our staff having access to appropriate training for their own development and for the superior lining for the company. Whatever the scale and nature of your project, you can trust our experts to design, supply and support a dependable and highly effective solution that’s tailored to your needs. We are committed to meeting our customers’ satisfaction thus offering the highest standards of service at every stage, from initial advice and project management, to installation, to proactive and proactive maintenance.


Water and Pumps International ltd, subscribes to the view that the quality of an organization is directly proportional to the quality of its people. We support the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future through offering carrier trainings mentorship opportunities for advancement amongst our staff in line with the company’s eternal purpose.