You don’t have to put the lives of those around you at risk by letting them walk miles to fetch water from a well, swamp, pond, spring e.t.c using buckets and jerrycans. With a water pump, you can move water over long distances at the desired flow rate and head (Height). The type of pump that suits your need depends on the source of the water, depth of the water, your demand per day or per hour as a user, how far the water is to be transferred, how steep the area is i.e gradient from the source to the final point of delivery, the pipe size existing if any and the surplus pressure required if any. Differences in these variables will affect the model, type and the size of the pump required. We specify a suitable pump based on your requirements and at affordable prices. Water And Pumps International Ltd specializes in the supply and installation of exceptional high quality water pumps, of a wide range and type sourced from world’s re known manufacturers that address the daily water pumping challenges.

Uganda is gifted by nature with a huge potential of underground water supply in the aquifers which is used as an alternative water source in areas of poor
surface water sources.

Whether the water is for commercial, agricultural or domestic use, Water And Pumps International Ltd offers state of art borehole equipment and services to deliver the water wherever it’s needed through the stages of siting (geo-surveys), drilling, pump installation, water transmition and distribution. With all the inhouse expertise, expect Water And Pumps International Ltd to offer the unmatchable borehole services in the region.

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